Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide bulk storage facilities?
A: Yes, we can provide a range of bulk storage solutions with the capacity to hold up to 90,000 litres in a single tank.

Q: Can you organise delivery?
A: Yes, we have an extensive transport network which aims to provide fantastic service at a competitive price.

Q: I need a product that gives me a specific result but I don’t have a formulation. Can you develop a product that meets my specifications?
A: Yes, our experienced Technical Department can work with you to develop a specific product. We know how important your intellectual property is to you and treat all information as strictly confidential.

Q: What kind of Quality Control processes do you have in place?
A:We have in place a number of quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process including in-process and finished product testing, right through to final checks on dispatch.

Q: What kind of raw materials can you handle and store?
A: Our storage facilities handle non-dangerous good and dangerous goods of all classes.

Q: Can you provide an all up package for my product?
A: Yes, Tollman has the experience and flexibility to provide everything from raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, labels and delivery. No job is too simple or too complex.

Q: Can you repack liquids?
A: Yes we have the ability to repack liquids as small as 5 litres right up to bulk tanks.